The Ohio Runner's Network
Running Club

The Ohio Runner's Network is a non-profit, Road Runners Club of America affiliated running club, that was founded in 2010.  Our Mission is to provide social, educational and training opportunities to people interested in enhancing their life through running.

TORN Purposes:

To organize social events centered around running, or associated outdoor events.

To create support networks to foster mentoring relationships and provide a source for formal and informal
educational information about the sport.

To encourage commitment to the local running community by providing volunteer opportunities at races and events.

Our Beliefs:

...that individuals become stronger with a positive community behind them.

...that beginners and experienced runners need and desire a welcoming environment in which to practice.

...and that personal transformation can be realized through running.

ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS (Online registrations only available on a computer - not from a mobile device):

Annual membership terms run from 1/1-12/31 of each year.  If you join from Oct - Dec, you will be a member for the remainder of the current year and the coming year.  Your membership dues will grant you 10% off at local running stores, access to the private Facebook Group where you will see all weekly run information, and entry to all member-only events.  If you prefer to mail in your membership app, there is a link at the bottom of this page.

ONLINE TORN MEMBERSHIP PROCESS (This can only be done FROM A COMPUTER, not a mobile device):

1.  Choose your membership category and then click the PAYPAL button  (If you do not see the PAYPAL button immediately below, you are unable to register online from the device you are using.  Please go to a computer, or print off the form and mail it in):

Membership Options:

2.  Once you have paid, RETURN to this webpage and provide your information on the form below and hit the "Submit" button.

Your membership will NOT be complete until you have completed BOTH steps.  

After you have completed BOTH steps, we will be notified and we will add you to the private TORN Group on Facebook and you will receive a welcome letter and membership card in the mail.  (
If you wish to send in a paper form with your payment, please see the link at the bottom of this page.)

Contact Information

Waiver: As a member of TORN, I know that running is a potentially dangerous activity.  By my submission I certify that I am medically able to participate in club
activities and I will take proper precautions to lessen risk to myself and other members.  I will abide by all club rules and code of conduct, and grant permission to
use my photograph for legitimate promotional purposes for the club.  I assume all risks  associated with being  a member and participating in club activities.  I waive and release the Ohio Runner's Network and the Road runner's Club of America and its agents from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation with the club.

First Name:
Last Name:
Membership type: (single/household; 1 or 2 year)::
Favorite type of running (road, track, trail):
Address Street:
Zip Code: (5 digits)

To join by mail, click this link and mail with your payment to the address on the top of the form:

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